BlogThe succes of your Company comes from the synergy between Design and Marketing

The succes of your Company comes from the synergy between Design and Marketing

A unified and synergic vision of Industrial Design and Marketing

How many times have we heard that a company “must not think with closed doors”? And how many times have we heard complaints in this sense, if not we were the ones to blame actually?

That’s true at all: whatever happens in a company area, whatever decision is made for each individual activity, this generates inevitable repercussions on the entire structure .


Research and development of new products, as well as the care and management of relations with the reference markets, are the real growth factor for all businesses.


Offering a product/service meeting customer’s needs and reflecting their expectations in terms of functionality, ergonomics and ease of use, while minimizing the environmental impact; bringing in an effective and recognizable way the value for the customer of the product, distinguishing it from the competitors and increasing the notoriety and reputation of the company: all these actions are closely linked each other , and even if they require different skills and experience, anyway they cannot ignore a unified strategic vision, which coordinates and makes these forces synergistic .

A successs-oriented Research & Development activity of a new product, has market demand as its starting point (both from a technical and economic point of view), and their satisfaction as its point of arrival; a winning marketing strategy identifies the strengths of the product and matches them with the needs of the market, making them the critical success factors that will form the backbone of the contents of all communication actions.

The “world” of industrial design intersects on several occasions with that of marketing apparently, along the whole process of creation and realization of the new product: therefore, linking these two areas an effective and systematic way, finding a common language and opportunities for constructive confrontation maximizes the potential for success of a new product .


A unified strategic vision, which harmonises and synergizes the skills both in industrial product design and in marketing,
is the key to making the offer of new products successful on the market.




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