3D Modelling and Engineering

We analyse every technical and structural side of your new product, giving it solidity, functionality, durability, and economy

  •  Engineering of products in plastic, sheet metal, thermoforming, polyurethane, and other materials
  • Solid 3D modelling and surfaces
  • Complex Assembly Management
  • Structural Analysis and Calculation
  • Study and Design of the assembly phases
Technique and technology are the bearing structure of the success of your new product

Orienting the design towards the prototyping and industrialization phases and towards the integration of company production systems optimizes developing time and cost, minimizing time-to-market.

Integrating the number of components, ergonomics, weight of materials, quick and easy assembly, and optimization of EPAL palletization with product engineering maximizes the competitiveness of your new product.

The attention to Environmental Sustainability (consumption of raw materials, energy efficiency, logistics optimization, separation, and recycling of materials at the end of their lifecycle) increases the value of the product for your customers.

Thanks to our experience of over 30 years in planning and design
as strategic partners of highly structured industrial companies,
you can minimize the time and costs of developing and launching your product on the market, accelerating its success

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