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40 years of successful projects

Transversal skills from design to technical drawing and surface modelling, graphics, marketing, communication and business organization. A close-knit team, constantly sharing information and knowledge. Three decades of experience and consolidated collaborations with leading companies.

Hundreds of winning projects, the best way to our Customers’ market success.
You may be the next one!

Home is your nest, your oasis of peace and tranquillity, a warm cocoon that envelops and gives you confidence. Office is the place where everyone’s personal and professional skills are expressed at the top. Creating a welcoming, comfortable and functional environment is the key to obtain and consolidate your success on the market. The over-thirty-years collaboration with some of the most innovative and consolidated companies make our Design Studio a competent and reliable partner for conceiving, designing and launching your new furniture and furnishing accessories on the market.

Household and daily use objects

It’s quite hard for everyone perceiving the impact on our life of the daily gestures and actions. Mostly, we consider them as a given thing, and we hardly realize that we are doing them actually. In addition, the objects and tools we use to perform these gestures literally “pass through our hands” every day, even several times. Their shape, weight, size, and of course their practicality and ease of use play a decisive role in facilitating our daily life. Granting the aesthetics, surface accuracy, ergonomics, functionality, sustainability, while keeping the competitiveness of costs and production time. This is the real challenge of Design: for over thirty years we have been supporting you to win it.

Electric and Electronic Devices

Combining structural solidity, ergonomics, practicality and safety of use, also considering the sustainable disposal in compliance with current regulations, grants the product competitiveness and success on the market. Whether intended for mass consumption or professional use, pleasant aesthetics, durability, functionality is required, as well as the best optimization of the production process. Thanks to our transversal skills and our experience of decades of collaboration with leading companies, you will be able to maximize the value for the customer of your products.

Products, machines and equipment for industrial purpose

The design of machinery, equipment and articles intended for industrial purpose needs to comply with specific and various requirements. The reference standards, the integration with the production process, the production scale and the dimension of the involved items can be considerably different from industry to industry. A detailed preliminary analysis, including a comprehensive evaluation and capable to estimate reliably the required investment, and the production cost and times, generates the conditions for the profitability of the project. Accurate checks per each development stage grant the proper monitoring of the evolution of the project, highlighting any deviation and suggesting the most suitable corrective intervention. Thanks to our technical and organizational skills, our Industrial Design and Project Studio can support you through the whole project development process, from initial analysis to industrialization.

Professional Products

Designing, projecting and developing products for professional use involves a careful balance between different requirements: Intensive and prolonged use requires the utmost attention to the constructive strength and durability of the object. Ergonomics plays a fundamental role in granting the proper, comfortable and safe use of the product. Aesthetic aspects play an important role, especially when the product is used or installed in environments in contact with the public. Of course, all these elements must be considered while maximizing the operational functionality of the product. Granting the suitable balance between these components is the Designer’s challenge, granting the product best chances of success on the market.


Design, projecting and developing products and equipment for use in the Ho.Re.Ca. requires specific skills and in-depth knowledge of the relevant mandatory regulations and recommended practices. The perfect sanitization of the surfaces, the accessibility of the hidden parts, the use of complying materials are combined with the needs of reliability, structural stregth, ergonomics and functionality. Granting the balance between these components is the key to the success of the product on the market.

UI – User Interface for control device

Ensuring the proper functioning of an equipment also means putting the end user in the best conditions of use. That’s the reason why the User Interface plays a critical role: the clearness and comprehensiveness of the graphics, combined with a construction suitable to intensive and prolonged use over the time, allows the user to execute commands quickly and precisely, improving job efficiency and effectiveness. The User Interface is literally the touch point between the product and the user, between the technology and the person: designing and developing it properly maximizes the perceived value of the product and grants customer loyalty over the time.

Graphics and Support documents for Sales Force

Clearly conveying the value of what you offer to your customers passes through a definite and immediately identifiable and understandable communication. The graphic processing of your content, the arrangement of text and images, the selection of colours, fonts and any other detail make a substantial difference, both on paper and screen. Designing and creating elements and materials that support your sales forces contacting your customers maximizes their efficiency and effectiveness, supporting and motivating it. The competence of our team, the highly advanced software we use and our experience resulting from years of collaboration in the most various applications are at your disposal to ensure that the value of what you offer reaches your customers in a clear, faithful and effective way.

Medical industry

Finding the perfect balance between aesthetics and functionality, in absolute compliance with product and sectoral regulations. Specific and transversal skills are needed, with the steady information exchange within the entire development team. Safety, hygiene, ease of use and clarity of commands are the requirements that accompany the entire development process of these products.

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