Naming and Branding for Italian market

We support you in set-up and operational management of the penetration strategy of your proposition in the Italian market

  • Review of your Company Value System and matching to the cultural/social context of the Italian market
  • Evaluation of the adequacy of the proposition name, brand, and logo
  • Verification of similarity with any elements already present on the Italian market
  • Assessment and planning of adaptations to the Italian market context
The global success of your Company comes through the adaptation of the proposition
to the social and cultural characteristics of any local market

Italy is universally known as the country of music, beauty, and elegance, but it is also a technologically and culturally high-advanced market, where every little detail contributes to the success or failure of a product and a brand.

Verifying the adequacy of the name of each product, logo, and company brand for the Italian market, and correctly transmitting Company values, making sure that they match the particularly complex cultural and social characteristics of the Italian context, are essential requirements to create the prerequisites for a successful market penetration.

Every detail must be verified with the highest accuracy, capturing any slightest nuance.

Our experience in relating international companies to the Italian market context
will maximize the local penetration potential of your proposition

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