Italian-Style Design for International Partnership

We support you in any developing phase in your new product, combining technical requirements and market expectations to our Native Italian Style Design and Creativity

  • Preliminary analysis of technical and constructive requirements
  • Target-based analysis of the style and functional features
  • Native Italian Style Concept and Design
  • Technical management of each developing phase up to industrialization
  • Made in Italy Production opportunity evaluation
The Italian Style has no need of presentation definitely:
the combination with an accurate and comprehensive analysis,
including aesthetical, technical, constructive and functional sides
makes the success of your new product

You know very well that Italian people has a genuine sensitiveness to the beauty and to the arts.

Italian Design is worldwide acknowledged as the highest level of aesthetic and functionality for any kind of product.


Our Industrial Design Studio consists in 100% Italian staff, experienced and well used to manage international relationship and product developing for the global market, joining the genuine Italian Style to the compliance with specific local/international requirements.

We can create your new Italian Style product,
perfectly suitable to your Target Markets

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