Quick restyling

We provide you with advice and assistance in every phase of the restyling of your products quickly and with immediate results

  • Verification of the Product Lifecycle
  • Choice of the most suitable type of Restyling (Product Make-up or Technical Restyling)
  • Support and Assistance in the operational phases
Give new life to the product, relaunching it while respecting its identity

Even a very successful product can show signs of fatigue in the long term: after a phase of stabilization of the turnover, the first drops in sales are found.

Restyling is the solution that allows you to reaffirm the leadership of your product, realigning its positioning to the evolution of the market, minimizing interventions and investments.

The restyling can take place in two ways: PRODUCT MAKE-UP or TECHNICAL RESTYLING.

  • The product make-up focuses on the aesthetic renewal (colours, finishes, graphics, packaging, shapes, etc.), to provide the customer with a perception of novelty without intervening on the constructive aspects of the product.
  • The technical restyling involves a revision of the engineering and industrialization of the product (new materials and new technologies), which in addition to the aesthetic renewal allows to optimize production time and cost.
Thanks to our know-how consolidated in over 30 years of industrial product design activity, we help you to identify the guidelines and we support you operationally in all the restyling phases

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