We analyse the most suitable technology for the technical features and expected production volume of your new product, managing the following-up supply chain and production batches

  • Selection of the most suitable production technology
  • Design and exchange of technical information to produce moulds and equipment
  • Support in the selection and management of technical suppliers
  • Creation, review, revision, and validation of pre-series
  • Verification of compliance with supply specifications and compliance with regulatory requirements
A proper industrialization phase is the prerequisite
to maximizeg the economic competitiveness and lead time of your new product

Individuating the proper production technology and the suitable design and construction of moulds and equipment has a decisive impact on the mass production cost and time, making the difference on the competitiveness of your new product.

The selection of the technical supplier, granting continuity, on-time delivery, and conformity of every lot of supply, plays a critical role too.

The exchange of information and technical data within the actors of the object development should be carried out in the easiest, clearest and most comprehensive way to minimize the risks of discrepancies between project and product.

Checks on pre-series and any revisions minimize the risk of production sub-optimizations.

Compliance and conformity tests to supply specifications and regulation requirements, especially if traceability and enforceability to third parties are required, should be performed with clear and easy-to-manage methods and procedures.

Our transversal skills in the technical and management field, combined with well-established technical partnership with selected suppliers, allow you to optimize production maximizing the competitiveness of your new product

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