Prototypes and Functional Test

We quickly create functioning models and high-detailed prototypes of your new product, and we support you in any side of the review / verification and in the pre-production validation phase.

  • Realization of aesthetic maquettes
  • Quick prototyping
  • Functioning test
  • Functional optimization
  • Prototype validation
Prototyping and pre-industrialization functional tests are a real investment on the future of your product

Verifying every aesthetic, dimensional, structural, and functional element of your new product before proceeding with industrialization and mass production plays a decisive role within the developing plan.

Combining quick execution and accuracy in every single detail reduces the cost of this phase, minimising at the same time the risk of corrective actions and ex-post modifications/updates (which would be enormously more expensive).

Our know-how in industrial product design,
the 3D printing technologies we have at our disposal
and the consolidated relationship with prototype specialists for industrial products
allow us to support you in the best possible way in this decisive step

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