Local support to Sales force

We support you in recruiting, training, and coaching your local sales force for the Italian market

  • Sales team Recruiting (in partnership with selected Agencies)
  • Content and graphic editing of commercial support documents/materials
  • Mother language training complying with Company’s guidelines
  • On-site coaching and coordination with Company’s Sales Management
The sales staff is the actual and fundamental link between your Company and your local Customers all over the world

To achieve real results through your Company’s Marketing and Sales Strategy, the accuracy in building and managing a suitable local Sales force plays a decisive role.

Each person involved needs to move in synergy with the rest of the Team, matching the sales and interpersonal skills to the Company’s Values and the proposition features, in order to grant successful and durable sales through the timeline.

The suitable and accurate sharing of the Company’s guidelines and target can be reached through the proper management of any side of the sales activity, day after day.

Thanks to the well-established know how and the transversal skills of each member of our Studio’s Team
we can support you in any phase of your local Sales activity,
granting the perfect synergy with your Sales Management

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