Feasibility Studio

We support you in every development phase of your products, to make them sustainable, functional, effective, and competitive


  •     Verification and optimization of product guidelines
  •     Review of materials and production technologies
  •     Bill of Materials cost Analysis
  •     Environmental sustainability Analysis
  •     Product Budget and Business Plan


Attention to every detail and comprehensive view of the entire production process,
from the initial concept to mass production,
transform an idea into your winning product

Collecting all available market information, analysing it in a systematic and rational way and comparing it with the expectations and goals of your company makes your new products generate value for your customers.

Preliminary evaluation of the technical characteristics, materials and production technologies will allow you to distinguish new products from competitors.

The future of our children depends on everyday work: analysing the environmental sustainability of the product even before starting the design will make it green from the very beginning.

An accurate Reverse Engineering activity, combined with a preliminary budget of implementation times and costs, make the new product contribute to the growth of your business, consolidating it over the time.

Passion, Creativity and Professionalism: our winning ideas at the service of your products
for the success of your company

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