BlogIt all adds up: sustainable design has brought measurable benefits to VECA

It all adds up: sustainable design has brought measurable benefits to VECA

In this article we talked about the usefulness of sustainable design: designing “starting from the end” brings environmental, economic, and competitive advantages.


Within an appropriate business management, oriented to ensure the balance between respect for the company’s values ​​and its efficiency and profitability, these advantages should be ACTUAL and MEASURABLE: that’s the only way to make this type of investment able to grant a proper return, then to become sustainable by the Stake-holders over the time.


This is the case of VECA S.p.A. – a well-established Italian manufacturer of household items – which commissioned us to design a product which is as “hidden” as indispensable: a toilet brush.

Don’t be deceived by the apparent banality of the object: we are talking about annual production volumes around 350,000 units.


Thanks to the sustainable design carried out by our Industrial Design Studio, we reduced the weight of each brush by 36 grams:
it is easy to calculate how this reduction has led to a lower consumption of plastic equal to about 12 tons per year.


Considering a production of about 5 years (conservative estimation, as the life cycle of this product is much longer), we are talking about a reduction in plastic consumption of more than 60 tons, saving about EUR 120.000  in a five-year period.


Not bad for a “simple” toilet brush …



Producing from the end brings measurable benefits,
making the relevant investments sustainable over time.
The Respect for the Environment is really a great deal!


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