BlogMaking the assembly phase easier improves the competitiveness of your products

Making the assembly phase easier improves the competitiveness of your products

Optimizing product Design and Industrialization is one of the pillars of the success of your Company. This also passes through the attention to each production phase, especially when assembling and/or manual processing are involved: in fact, these have a decisive impact on the quickness and fluidity of the production process.


In a highly competitive market context, any little detail
can make the difference to the success of your Products and your Company



It often happens that some operations are more difficult, just because the piece cannot be fixed stably to the working desk, or it is difficult to hold it in hand, or it must be positioned in different ways to perform sequential operations, etc.

These difficulties are hardly predictable both in the design and industrialization phases, while they have a negative impact on compliance with the expected working flow and on the accuracy of the operations, even up to compromising the product’s potential for success on the market.

To overcome this criticality, it becomes crucial to equip the assembly lines with specially designed and manufactured fastening systems, perfectly copying the shape of the pieces and granting the Operator’s highest practicality and ease of execution.

In addition to production efficiency, the use of this auxiliary equipment has a positive impact on the Quality of Work, and can also have beneficial effects on Operator Safety, thus contributing to improving the Company context.



The use of dedicated equipment to optimize the assembly phase
maximizes the effectiveness of the Design and Industrialization of your products,
reducing time and cost of the process and improving the Quality of Work


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