BlogDesigning ‘from the end’ pays it off: Sustainability and Competitiveness can be synergetic!

Designing ‘from the end’ pays it off: Sustainability and Competitiveness can be synergetic!

Sustainability is a ‘mental attitude’, which starts from a conceptual principle (the protection of our planet) and turns into real products and services consistent with this principle: in this context, it is essential to maintain the company’s balance, especially within competitiveness: to support through the timeline a production consistent with the principles of Sustainability, it is necessary to offer competitive products in terms of Performance, Customer Value and Price.


Sustainability needs to be made ‘competitive’: how can we do?


Sustainable Design (what we call ‘Designing from the End’) is the main tool that enables you to achieve this, guaranteeing advantages in both Sustainability and Competitiveness in different areas of your Production:


At Product level, the possibility of access to high-tech materials (now more accessible than the past, as well as the information to use them optimally) has a decisive impact:

  • Through accurate structural calculations, it is possible to find the correct balance between structural strength and dimensioning of parts, optimising the consumption of raw materials: this leads to a reduction in costs keeping the same product performance;
  • It reduces the differentiation of materials used, making purchasing management less costly and simplifying product dismantling/recycling at end-of-life;
  • It enables to apply aesthetic finishes without surface treatments and/or differentiation of materials, reducing both production time/costs, and pollution from chemicals used for surface treatments.


At Process level:

  • By optimising the use of equipment (moulds, dies, etc.), it is possible to produce more parts per production cycle, reducing industrial cost and energy consumption per unit of product;
  • Simplifying the assembly of parts using quick-connect systems reduces the use of small fastening parts, reducing purchase/labour costs, and the energy consumption per unit of product.


At Logistics/Handling level:

  • Improving the stackability of semi-finished and finished parts allows better utilisation of storage space in the warehouse, reducing costs of occupied space, as well as land and energy consumption in the department;
  • Optimising palletisation for transport reduces the incidence of transport costs, and decreases polluting emissions.


The combination of these elements makes synergetic the Value of Sustainability and the Requirement of Competitiveness, making it more attractive for both your company and your customers.


High and transversal skills, teamwork, overall vision:
for years our Industrial Design Studio has been ‘Designing from the End’
sustainable and competitive products for the Success of your Company


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