BlogBeyond the gift: enhance the uniqueness of your company through Christmas gifts

Beyond the gift: enhance the uniqueness of your company through Christmas gifts

As the holidays approach, a question begins to arise in several companies: What gift are we giving this year?

In fact, Christmas gifts, in addition to underlining the “special” moment that you are about to experience, are a wonderful way to reinforce the relationship with your customers.

Just the fact of remembering them, dedicating time, energy (and economic resources too) to the gifts for them, is a sign of esteem that gives value to professional relationships beyond the technical and economic aspects.


A Christmas gift tells your customers how much they mean to you:
Is it possible to make it even more “special”?


The answer is certainly yes: there are two ways to give even more value to your Christmas gifts:

A personalized gift
On the market you can find a huge selection of gift items, many of them of excellent execution and of high value: on the other hand, anyone can decide to give them as a gift. Creating a unique object, which only you can give to your customers, transmits all the attention and accuracy you want to dedicate to them in an exclusive way

A consistent gift
Right thanks to the priceless value of personalized, creating it in a way that unequivocally recalls what you can do for your customers enhances your skills and makes your customers associate them to a pleasant moment.

This brings an emotion beyond the direct connection to the holidays: especially if you decide to make a lasting gift (even if only in part), it will remain as a memory over the time, always ready to tell your customers how much you thought about them during the holidays and what you are able to do for them every day.


For instance, this is the case of TOVOTEC, a metal carpentry that has been collaborating with our Industrial Design Studio for a long time, and which every year asks us to design a unique and unrepeatable gift, to be crafted through their machinery.


Thanks to our creativity and the technical skills that we provide to TOVOTEC, their customers have been able to create an authentic collection of unique objects, which constantly and clearly enhance the company’s technical skills. On this Christmas we have designed and created for them a delicious and funny reindeer, which serves as a support for the Christmas box.


Ideas, creativity, and transversal skills:
our ability helps you consolidate the relationship with your customers
highlighting the value of what you can do for them



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