Let's celebrate 20 years of collaboration!

20 years of winning partnership!

We still remember the first TV cabinet designed for Munari Srl: essential, minimalist and constructively simple, it immediately laid the foundations for a solid winning collaboration as it is today.
It was way back in 2000, there were still cathode ray tube televisions.
From that time twenty years have passed during which our studio has designed numerous successful collections that have contributed to make Munari Srl increasingly competitive.

The year 2020 started with the launch of the exclusive MO&MA and MODENA ENTREE collections that we designed for the company, which were immediately appreciated by customers.
Our owner Eros Angelini says: «I met the Munari brothers when they produced kit TV trolleys. What struck me immediately as well as the quality of the materials, was the passion they put in and still puts us in the realization of their products and in the management of the factory. I immediately worked closely with the production teams and the sales network, being able to design innovative products that have passed the company mainly from the Italian market to the production of furniture for the "high end" market for the international market.
During the most important growth of the company, the Munari family instructed me to take care not only of design but also of marketing management. The role that I still play with passion with which I oriented it towards a differentiation strategy by creating unique and technological furniture out of the reach of the competition.
I sincerely thank the Munari family and all the company staff for the professionalism, passion and seriousness with which all our collections have brought value and Made in Italy to our customers' homes.»


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