2020 is off to a good start for Munari Srl, with a brand new collection designed by our studio. They asked us to design a new TV stand, that could be adaptable in different lengths according to other components for the living area such as cabinets and tables.
Thanks to the success achieved during the first year, for the next one Munari Srl commissioned us to expand the collection and now MO&MA is for all intents and purposes complete for its own living area.

The element that distinguishes the MO&MA collection is an edge outlining part of the furniture, which creates a slight asymmetry that we have called "design line".
Each piece of furniture can be customised with various materials, to be adaptable to any domestic environment. Like all the creations signed by Munari Srl, each piece of furniture is a guarantee of reliability and richness in details unique in its kind.
All the renderings of the MO&MA collection were created by our studio.

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    Munari Srl
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